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Simple ways to use sound effects and music for story telling

Do you want to learn how to use sound effects and music for story telling? This article includes several tips and tricks to help you on your way. Check it out!What is sound effects and music for story telling?Sound is used in many different ways throughout our day. We can hear people talking as they walk down the street, cars honking, and construction going on outside. It is obvious that we are surrounded by noise all of time. However, not everyone realizes how important sound is in stories as well. From train whistles to rain storms, these types of sounds can set an entire scene for readers or listeners with just one word.What are the benefits of sound effects and...

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3 Pieces of Essential Sound Equipment

3 Pieces of Essential Sound EquipmentMaking sure you have all of the critical pieces of equipment that you need to create a feature film can be very complicated. Ensuring that everything works together to create the perfect film that you are envisioning is never easy, but taking the time to ensure that everything is proper before you start recording your film is very important. Without good sound, you are likely to lose a large number of people who would make up your potential audience. This can often cause a great film to wind up largely ignored and a filmmaker extremely frustrated.Your first piece of equipment is going to be a microphone. This is something that should be looked at far...

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